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You Need to Know THIS Before Purchasing a Smart Lock

How many times have you misplaced your house keys and spent hours on end searching? Since door locks were invented back in the 1800s, misplacing keys has been a common problem. With recent advancement in technology, however, you never have to worry about losing your keys again. Smart locks are everywhere now and we understand the appeal of a device that allows you to ditch a piece of carved metal for easy access with a smartphone.

With these recent advancements in smart home technology and many brands entering the industry, its never been easier or more affordable to outfit your home with smart technology. There are certain smart devices that can offer greater convenience and security, and smart locks are one one them.

Upgrading your locks isn't as simple as swapping out light bulbs, and the installation is a little more hands-on and complex. There are a few things you need to know before calling a local smart home security company or running to the nearest hardware store.

What is the difference between smart locks and access control?

Putting things simply, smart locks are a form of access control. Although you can purchase stand alone smart locks to ensure better security for your loved ones, they are most often used as part of an integrated access control solution. For example, when you link your smart locks to your other smart home technology, the smart lock has the ability to unlock the door, disarm the security system, and turn on the lights with the approval of a code.

Inspect Your Door Locks

There are multiple types of smart locks that offer different features, but the one thing they all have in common is the ability to automatically turn your deadbolt. It is essential you inspect your door and make sure it’s working properly. Did you need to push or pull on the door in order for it to bolt smoothly? You won’t be there to do that when your new smart lock is trying to turn the bolt on it’s own, and you want to make sure your new gadget will work properly.

Another aspect you should inspect is if the bolt extends all the way into the door jamb. If you risk burning out the motor or even gradually damaging your door since your smart lock will always try to fully extend the bolt.

Luckily, both of these problems can be fixed with the right tools and some googling. Any problems more complex than this may be better off in the hands of a professional. Either way you should know what you are getting yourself into before you purchase so you don’t try to instal a lock that won’t function properly.

How Would you Like Your Smart Lock to Connect?

There are a few different connection standards used with smart locks – as is the case with any smart home device. Most will use multiple standards to connect to your phone and other devices, but you’ll want to check the lock before you buy it.

The most common standard is Bluetooth. It is common due to its use of little power, especially when compared to Wi-Fi. This is an important component to consider since most smart locks will be battery powered.

If your smart lock does use Bluetooth, it is important to note that it will only work within a certain range. If you are not near your lock, you will be unable to lock or unlock it. A Bluetooth lock does not require another hub to use it.

Another standard is Z-Wave, and it requires a separate hub in order for you to be able to control the lock from your smartphone. Normally, that hub also connects to Wi-Fi. Z-Wave has a range of around 120 feet, however, if you have multiple Z-Wave devices the range can be extended to up to 600 feet.

Finally the third common standard is Wi-Fi. The plus side of Wi-Fi smart locks is you can control it from anywhere you have Wi-Fi. This often requires a separate component that connects to a power-outlet and then bridges the connection between the lock’s bluetooth and your Wi-Fi.

How Do You Want to Control Your Locks?

Apple Watch with option on screen saying Front Door Lock
Lock your door with the touch of a button- from anywhere.

You will have options when it comes to managing your locks. You have the ability to use personalized access codes, mobile apps, voice control, or even biometric data like fingerprints or eye retinas. If you hire a smart home technology professional, you can design an access control solution that incorporates all your favorite options.

You will also have options to see who is at the door and to let them in. Mobile apps, door stations, entry monitors and video phones are some of the most common. Some companies even offer video phones so you can stay on the move while you figure out who is at the door.

Some Other Things to Remember

Ease of Installation- will you need to hire a locksmith to install your new lock? Or is it a quick and easy DIY product? Be sure to research this before choosing a local

Ease of Use- not understanding your smart lock could add more frustration to your day-to-day life opposed to convenience. Make sure you understand all the modes of access a smart lock allows and how to share access with your family.

Available Features- it is essential to learn all the available features your smart lock offers. A great lock can do much more than just lock and unlock your door. You can even take advantage of extra features such as a built-in alarm technology that can automatically deadbolt the door behind you.

Battery Life- Make sure you understand the type of batteries used to power your lock and the expected life of the battery. You don’t want to purchase a lock with rare batteries or one that needs to be replaced every month.

Smart Device Compatibility- Do you have smart technology currently installed in your home? You’ll want to be sure to choose a smart lock that is compatible.

Final Thoughts

A smart lock can be an incredibly useful tool for homeowners who host a lot of visitors or are are prone to misplacing keys. Increased convenience and improved security are the primary reasons homeowners around the United States are turning to smart lock technology.

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