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Smart Home Beginners Guide- Everything You Need To Know.

Updated: Jan 7, 2019

This blog will tell you everything you need to know about adding smart home devices to your home.
Smart Home Beginners Guide

Chances are if your reading this, you are evaluating the idea of implementing smart home technology in your home. The best part is, it doesn’t have to be hard. Building a smart home does not mean buying all new gadgets and robots, and will provide many benefits throughout your home. Here is our beginner’s guide for making your home smart.

What is a Smart Home? “Smart Home” is the term commonly used to define a residence that has appliances, lighting, heating, air conditioning, TVs, computers, entertainment audio & video systems, security, and camera systems that are capable of communicating with one another and can be controlled remotely by a time schedule, from any room in the house.

First, You have the ability to control everything from either an app on your smartphone or tablet, or from a voice controlled smart speaker in real time.This can be as simple as controlling your lights and washer and dryer from the touch of an app, or having a digital

assistant play tunes or restock household supplies to accommodate your crazy schedule.

Second, smart home badges have the ability to give you information and easily accessible data on things like security or energy meters.

Third, automation gives you the ability to set up scenes, routines, and rules instead of manually controlling your gadgets. For example, you have the ability to program your thermostat to turn down 10 minutes after you get in bed, and kick back up 10 minutes before you wake up to warm the house. The idea is that your home gets to know you and your family and automatically works based on whats happening, without the need for your input.

Why Would You Want a Smart Home? Not sure if a smart home is right for you? There are multiple reasons to consider implementing smart home technology, including saving time, money, and energy. A home with smart home technology has the ability to cut their energy bills to a third of there current costs, which could be some extra savings for the family. You don’t need to automate everything in your home, however, choosing the things that accommodate your lifestyle will make having a smart home technology most convenient for you.

Think you are interested in Smart Home Technology? Here is what you need to know next.

Getting started

When to start on a smart home depends on three things including your budget, time and enthusiasm. To make the most out of your smart home experience, you’ll want to have some kind of central hub that controls it all. You have a few options while choosing this:

• A smart speaker- You can link up a variety of different smart home accessories that are easily controlled by your voice. There are plenty of smart home speaker options on the market, and you may want to evaluate your options for your home and family.

A smart hub- A smart Hub allows for multiple smart accessories to be integrated and controlled through a single app. This is much more convenient than having an app for each smart home technology on your phone, which could get very confusing and time consuming to learn. Looking for a Smart Hub system? Get in Touch

Pairing a smart speaker and smart hub- While you definitely don’t need both a smart speaker and a smart hub, it typically offers the most flexibility allowing almost any device to pair nicely with your new smart home technology.

Making Your Smart home, Smarter. What To Connect To Your Smart Home.

The most popular choices in Smart Home Technology right now are kitchen appliances, baby monitors, cameras, doorbells, lighting, networking, security cameras, speakers, and thermostats although there are many more. Maybe a smart TV or smart locks are a priority for your family, but a good step is to research some of these gadgets and see what fits best for your system, needs, and your family.

So what do you really want to connect to your smart home? Although we noted there a bunch of options above, here is a few suggestions to get you started:

Smart light bulbs - Smart Light Bulbs are probably one of the simplest ways to making your home smart. Although the initial cost of these bulbs might seem high, they actually last 10x longer and use 75% less energy. Smart bulbs are proven to save money over time and are well worth the initial investment.

Smart Thermostats- The options of smart thermostats are growing, although the best made options are made by Nest. A smart thermostat has the ability to control your air and heat on schedules, not only making your house comfortable but also by saving money on your energy bills.

Smart locks- Smart locks are easily accessible through an app, with the ability to make sure your house is locked even when you are away. You can even issue a one time access code to family and friends, automatically open for you if they detect your paired smart phone, and more!

Smart Security Cameras- Smart Security cameras allow you to check on your house while down the street or many miles away on vacation. Always have a peace of mind with this smart home technology, and know your family and home is safe!

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