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Pair THESE devices With Your Amazon Alexa to Create a Seamless Smart Home

Voice control has become the smart home's gateway drug of choice, and Alexa's been right at the tip of that spear, with standardized control over lights, locks, and more as a core use case making home automation easier than ever. Alexa is everywhere, and it’s spreading, with Amazon making it even easier to get its voice assistant into everything. Amazon’s Echo has become capable of controlling everything from basic smart plugs to garage doors.

Some devices will require you to download specific Alexa skills - check out our best tips and tricks for getting the most out of your Echo or Alexa-enabled device. But here are some of the best Alexa-enabled gadgets around:

Smart Light Bulbs

All models of the Philips Hue smart bulb are our pick as the best smart light bulb. They allow you to power multiple lights on and off, dim, change a bulb's color, and even create light groups to enable color schemes throughout the house on command. Just know that in addition to your Alexa device, you'll also need the Hue Bridge, a hub that can handle up to 50 Hue-ified lights.

Hue bulbs (and most other smart light bulbs) are controlled over Wi-Fi. In the Hue's case, there's a hub that speaks to your router, and then the hub talks to the bulbs. This does add some cost to the solution, and buying into Hue generally costs at least $99 for a few bulbs

and a hub.

Smart Power Strips and Plugs

Our preferred plug-in smart outlet that you can control with Alexa is Belkin’s Wemo Mini smart plug. The smart plug connects to your Wi-Fi network, so you can turn fans, lights, coffee makers, and pretty much anything else on and off from your smartphone. You can even set them on schedule or call out commands to your Amazon devices.

We also suggest TP-Link's HS105. Its not only cheap, but also one of our favorites for its

vacation mode. And you can tell Alexa to turn it on or off.

Media Streaming Devices

Amazon's Fire TV Stick is its least expensive streaming device and gives you access to tons of content — especially if you're an Amazon Prime subscriber. It lets you search for (and play) shows, movies, actors, genres and more using Alexa, which you can access either with the Fire TV remote or a connected Alexa device. Plus, if you have an Alexa-compatible security camera (such as the Arlo Q), you can view its feed on your TV via the Fire Stick. The Fire TV stick only supports 1080p, so if you have a 4K set, get the $49 Fire TV.

Smart Thermostats

A Nest Smart Thermostat is the perfect partner for Amazon’s Alexa. Nest offers two Smart Home Skills for integrating your Nest products with Amazon Alexa’s voice controls. With the Nest Thermostat skill, you can tell Alexa to change the temperature of your home. With Alexa, there’s no need to go to your thermostat or find your phone. Just speak one of the phrases listed below to tell Alexa what you want your Nest product to do.

Robot Vacuums

The Roomba 690 is in our opinion the best Alexa vacuum which is also the the best value that you can buy. It is an improved version of the Roomba 650 and offers a better lithium battery and app control which can link to Alexa for voice control.The best part about having a Amazon Alexa robot vacuum is that you ask your vacuum to clean anytime you require it to. It is easy to plan for daily cleaning using the app to schedule it or you can just press the clean button to start it cleaning manually.

The Roomba 690 can handle all floor types or even mixed floor types manoeuvring easily between levels. It has dirt detect sensors that can detect excess dirt on well used areas and

provides extra cleaning back and forth in those areas just the way you would yourself.

Security Cameras

Amazon’s Cloud Clam is our favorite Alexa- compatible camera. The Amazon Cloud Cam's crisp 1080p HD live feed, prompt motion notifications and free 24-hour clip storage set a new standard for indoor home security cameras. Amazon's Cloud Cam is affordable, reliable and easy to use, but it's the free storage that ultimately makes it more appealing than Nest security cameras and many other home security competitors.

Door Locks

The Smart Lock Pro is a stylish lock that works with most existing deadbolts, meaning you don't need to replace your keys to use it. You can lock and unlock the door with an Alexa command, or the door can automatically unlock as you approach it with your smartphone. It supports smart home standards like Z-Wave Plus and Apple's HomeKit, and includes a

Connect bridge that allows it to work over Wi-Fi.

Doorbell Cameras

The Ring Video Doorbell 2 is good looking video doorbell designed for convenience and security. It has 2-way talk feature so you can talk to the person at the door, being home or not. Its camera can automatically record visitors to your house, and if a motion sensor is on, you will get notified even before you hear the chime. The field of view of the Ring video doorbell 2 is 160 degrees. It is water resistant and works on temperature -5°F to 120°F / -20.5°C to 48.5°C.

Final Thoughts

An Amazon Echo is an excellent option to turn your home smart with a DIY approach. Numerous brands and devices are compatible with Amazon’s Alexa making home automation more affordable than ever. The convenience these devices can add to your life

are worth the price, plus the increased security and energy savings.

Limitless Security Solutions Alexa Compatible Devices

Our experts can help clients pick out smart technology devices that will create a seamless smart home system and home automation. We are preferred partners with alarm.com, ring.com, and Arlo. Our wireless and Wi-Fi enabled systems are the perfect solution to heighten your home security, add convenience and savings into your family’s lives, and save some extra cash on your energy bills. Consult with a Limitless Security Solutions expert today to discuss how we can tailor our devices and packages to the unique needs of your home.

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