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Indoor Security Camera Buyer’s Guide: Which is best for you?

Need to keep an eye on your house from anywhere? Over the past few years, security cameras have come a long way from their direct-to-VHS origins. Today’s security cameras are smarter, using motion detection to tell when something unusual is happening and Wi-Fi connections to send you phone alerts. Most cameras also provide night vision and automatic motion-activated recording, and some can be connected to other smart-home products, such as security systems and smart lights.

One of the biggest benefits of a smart home is being able to know what's going on when you're not actually there. Whether you're checking in on your kids, pets, or an exotic jewel collection, a home security camera is a great tool for keeping an eye on things from wherever you are.

Although capabilities vary from device to device, indoor security cameras allow you to monitor what's going on in your home through live or recorded video. But not all cameras are created equally. Some have alarms or can send you notifications when they detect activity, some offer two-way audio, some are meant to monitor your baby, and some even double as full-on home automation hubs.

Let’s take a look at some important factors to consider when picking out an smart home indoor security camera.

1. Picture Quality

A large factor when purchasing a security camera is picture quality. Some homeowners may be focused on having a crystal clear graphic, while others may be focused on a wider angle with a good enough picture to spot intruders. It is important to remember that two cameras with 1080p resolution can offer drastically different picture quality.

2. Data Storage

Some smart home indoor security cameras will offer the ability to store your footage in the cloud. This is more convenient, makes data loss less likely, but will often come with a monthly service charge. Other models will offer the ability to store on a local drive such as a USB thumb drive or microSD card. This will likely be the cheaper option, but if the data storage unit is damaged, stolen or lost, your data will be lost too.

3. Access

Depending on your family’s needs, you may prefer to see your video footage on your mobile device, on a web browser, or perhaps both. When making a camera purchase, make sure to see how your footage can be accessed.

4. Installation

Most of today’s cameras will come with a stand that lets you place it on a shelf or other flat surface. Ideally, the stand will offer the ability to pivot the camera to fine tune the viewing angle. Some models will also offer wall and ceiling mounts. Others will take the form of, for example, a cylinder. These will often look nicer but may limit the directions with which you can point the camera. On the other end of the scale, some cameras can automatically pivot up and down, and side to side, so you can remotely scan an entire room from your phone.

Logitech Circle 2- The best indoor Wi-Fi camera for daily use

The first-generation Logitech Circle was our favorite indoor security camera for its easy setup, wire-free convenience, free 24-hour cloud storage, and well-designed app with its clever Daily Brief feature that creates a montage of the day’s events. The new Logi Circle 2 keeps all of that, although we tested the wired version this time, which has to stay plugged.

Overall, the app is incredibly easy to use. It’s easy to save clips and photos to your device’s camera roll for sharing, too, and we love how push notifications come with preview images so you can see at a glance if you need to open the app and view the whole clip.

Logitech's Circle 2 is no bargain compared to low-cost options like Yi Dome Cam or the Wyze Cam (you could install nine Wyze Cams for the cost of one Circle 2, and never pay storage fees), but if you want an easy-to-use app and/or you’re a HomeKit household,this camera is your best bet

Netgear Arlo Q- Generous storage and customizable

The Netgear Arlo Q offers customizable activity zones, a clear image, and seven days of free storage, so most people won’t need to pay for a subscription. However, like a number of other cameras, the Arlo Q can’t record continuously without a subscription—it must reset after each recording, resulting in short gaps in between. That makes it a little less useful for security purposes, but the perks make it perfect for keeping an eye on kids and pets.

Nest Cam Indoor- Fewer false alerts, but more expensive

The Nest Cam Indoor is one of two indoor cameras to offer 24/7 recording, so you’ll never miss a minute of action. (The other is the Nest Cam IQ Indoor, which we don’t recommend.) It provides 1080p video and two-way audio that rivals our top pick, offers accurate motion detection, and lets you set up activity zones, but you’ll need a Nest Aware subscription plan to view any alerts or recordings.

Wyze Smart Indoor Cam- Best Value

This little Wi-Fi camera can scan an entire room in just three seconds. You can adjust settings with the Pan Scan feature to automatically scan an area to your specifications. The Wyze Cam’s motion tracking is also cool—if a kid or dog runs through the room, the camera will follow all the action. (No more arguments about who broke the lamp.) Plus, you can pick up the Wyze Cam for under $40.

Canary All-in-One Indoor Security Camera: Smart Home Pick

Canary combines home security features like a siren and environmental sensors with a smart home security camera. And don’t let the small, unobtrusive design fool you. Canary has packed enough security features into this Wi-Fi camera to make it qualify for home insurance discounts from many major insurers. The Canary All-in-One can sense if the fireplace isn’t fully out or let you know if someone left the tub running. We wish it had a little more power when it comes to night vision, though—it only has sight for about 20 feet in the dark.

Limitless Security Solutions Smart Home Indoor Cameras

Having trouble picking a smart indoor security camera that will work best for your home? A Limitless Security Solutions smart home professional can assist homeowners by tailoring the perfect smart home technology products based on your homes unique needs. Contact us today to learn more!

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