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How a Google Home Speaker Will Change Your Home

Updated: Mar 22, 2019

How Google Home Speaker Could Change Your HouseHold
Google Home Speaker are making families lives easier everyday.

Chances are if you are reading this, you are considering or already have a Google Home Speaker. The great news is Google's smart speaker can do a whole lot more than give you a weather forecast or play music. It's a powerful tool that can control your other smart home devices and automate your life with a simple voice command. If you’re considering purchasing one or are a proud owner of one, here the are tips you need to know.

Where to Put the Smart Speaker?

While you might not need a smart speaker in every room of your home, once you test drive a smart speaker or two, you'll quickly learn how useful they can be all around the house. But where should you have smart speakers? What rooms really deserve one?

If you spend a lot of time getting ready each morning, there are nine reasons to put your Google Home in the bathroom. Maybe you enjoy cooking, or your family generally congregates in the kitchen/living room area. In that case, your Google Home should live there, where it can set timers, answer cooking questions and control smart appliances.

Customize Your Morning Report

The “tell me about my day” command was an instant favorite among Google Home owners. This command can be customized to offer different information that the user prefers. This could include weather, traffic conditions, Calendar reminders, or even your flight status.

Ability To Answer Questions

The biggest advantage Google Home has over other voice-controlled apps and devices is its ability to provide factual responses to questions. The device leverages Google’s Knowledge Graph, a system that contains millions of facts about people, places, and things, and how all of these entities are connected. This system allows Google Home to provide responses to questions far beyond the capabilities of other voice-controlled apps and smart devices. For example, Google home would be able to understand the following questions, “How are the Pistons doing?” and “When is their next game.”

Can Identify Different Voices

Your smart home device has the ability to personalize results for the Google Home. Although this feature was initially missing, Google ensures the device is now able to recognize people by voice.

Supports Google Play Music and YouTube Music.

If your family likes listening to music, this is definitely something to consider because these services are not available on the Alexa devices.

Step by step cooking instructions

If you love cooking Google Home could be of great assistance to you. The smart device has the ability to walk you through preparing any of your favorite recipes.

Name Your Devices

Google Home devices are meant to be the center of your smart home life. If you have a Google Chromecast connected to your TV, your Google Home will be able to play a Youtube video or song from pandora. If you have multiple gadgets connected to your GH, you will want to personalize their names such as “Living Room and “Bedroom”.

An easier way to tackle your day

Get personalized help managing your smart home, your daily task list, or your commute. The Google Assistant can set alarms, timers, and reminders and play news, podcasts, and radio stations as you go about your day. Or use Google Home to place hands-free calls to family, friends, and local stores in the U.S. and Canada.

Limitless Security Solutions Smart Home Device’s

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