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5 Smart Home Gadgets You May Not Have Known About

Smart Home gadgets including Smart Mirrors, Smart Showers, and Smart Dog Mat's are some Smart Home Gadgets you may have never heard of.
5 Smart Home Gadgets You May Not Have Known About

As technology continues to progress in the 21st century, so does the addition of amazing smart home gadgets. Changing your home to a smart home can be beneficial for many reasons including convenience, increased safety, and saving money and energy. Although we are used to every day chores, smart home technology can make them more manageable and pleasant with the click of a few buttons. Smart home products have been steadily gaining more and more popularity for quite some time, and the installation of this technology is actually quite simple and affordable.

There are plenty of smart home gadgets out there, but we have decided to present you with 5 super cool smart home products that you may not have known about- making your life easier and even more enjoyable.

#1. Robotic Lawn Mower

Smart Robotic Law Mower Mowing the Lawn
Smart Robotic Lawn Mower

Imagine never having to complete the time consuming chore of cutting your grass again. Robotic Law Mower’s have the ability to independently depart from the base station and cut the overgrown grass in your yard. In fact, it will even return to the base station until the next scheduled operation all by itself! AIA technology allows these devices to make intricate cuts and navigate narrow passages. It can make decisions of mowing based on the weather, pay special attention to problematic areas, and is equipped with an anti-theft PIN lock. Find it Here.

#2. Smart Mirror Personal Assistant

A Smart Home Mirror can be used as a personal assistant or for detecting intruders in the home.
A Smart Home Mirror can be used as a personal assistant or for detecting intruders in the home.

Turn your basic mirror into a smart mirror and personal assistant all-in-one. This smart mirror is equipped with advanced facial gesture recognition technology and turns on by simply ‘seeing’ you stand in front of it. It can notify you about weather, traffic, emails and planned events in your calendar. In fact, it even comes with a Built-in HD camera programmed to recognize the face of the registered profiles and has the ability to recognize an intruder. Once an intruder is detected, the smart mirror will capture pictures of the unregistered person and send pictures to your device increasing your home security significantly. Smart Mirrors can display information including personal welcome, appointments, meetings, birthday notifications, traffic, weather, to-do lists, social media shares, and more! Find it here.

#3. Digital Shower Interface

A Smart Digital Shower interface has easy to use buttons that can help you control water pressure and temperature of your showers.
A Smart Digital Shower Interface can make your shower routine better than ever.

Put total control of your shower experience at the top of your fingertips. Use the digital shower interface to regulate temperature and pressure of the water without fiddling with the handles. A large, intuitive display gives you the freedom to design multiple configurations of sprays, while digital thermostatic valve technology guarantees accurate, safe temperature control. You can also choose and save your favorite settings and come back to them the next day. This digital shower interface provides amazing levels of comfort making it one of the coolest smart home technology products on the market. Find it here.

#4. Wi-Fi Air and Environment Monitor

Smart Wi-Fi Air and Environment Monitor
Smart Wi-Fi Air and Environment Monitor

Ensure safety of the air your loved ones breathe with the help of the Wi-Fi Air and Environment monitor. This minimalistic monitor keeps track of temperature, humidity, and carbon monoxide levels in the room. When there is a sudden shift in the environment, this smart home device can send a notification to your device as well as light up various colors informing you of change. Wi-Fi environment monitors give you real time visibility of your server room environment and infrastructure. Not only can you know what the current state of your environment is, you can also go through historical data to find trends and diagnose problems. This smart home product can be most beneficial to parents with small children or pet owners. Find it here.

#5 Dog Training Barking Mat

Smart Dog Training Barking Mat with dog sitting on it
Smart Dog Training Barking Mat

Potty training your new puppy can be tough, but say goodbye to accidents on the floor with the help of this dog training barking mat. The Barking Mat simplifies the training process of letting your dog out to do its business. The simple touch of a paw on the attractive mat lets out an audible cue, either a bark, chime, words of praise, or, with the WiFi version, an additional silent mode with alerting directly to your phone. Find it here.

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