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4 Smart Home Security Devices Your Home Could Benefit From

In a world where so much can go wrong, a smart security system helps things go “right.” Smart home security systems are very intelligent now and actually make monitoring your home even easier and more convenient than ever. Whether you’re out on vacation, at work, or even just running errands, the right security system can make ALL the difference in keeping your home and loved ones safe.

Below we have highlighted 4 smart home security devices you could add to your home to create a complete home defense system.

Burglary Detection

Keep your home safe and sound with a burglary detection system. These systems work by putting sensors on all of the windows and doors in your household. If they are triggered, you will be alerted and never have to wonder if your home is secure. Most detection systems include

• Live chat- 24/7 access to monitoring professionals that can assist with anything needed

• Glass Break Detection- Wireless sensors secure your home by alerting you of any forced entry

• Unauthorized Entry Detection- Motion, door, and window sensors allow you to always know what is going on inside your home.

Smart Locks

A smart lock is an electromechanical lock which is designed to perform locking and unlocking operations on a door when it receives such instructions from an authorized device using a wireless protocol and a cryptographic key to execute the authorization process.

Have you ever found yourself in the scenario where you approach your door with an arm full of groceries and realize the door is locked? What if your door lock could recognize your smartphone and automatically unlock your door? Or maybe you want to grant access to family, friends, guests, Airbnb clients or service providers when you’re not home, so you can just text them a code. Or maybe your away from home and just want to keep track of who opens the door, or be alerted they do.

A smart door lock accomplishes all of these advanced functions and more thanks to a combination of wireless technologies including Bluetooth and WiFi that give you control over your smart lock from anywhere you can connect to the Internet via the lock’s smartphone app.

A smart lock is definitely not a necessity, but it sure can make your life easier and heighten your sense of control and security over your home when your away.

Garage Door Control

With the addition of smart home technology to your garage, you will never spend another workday wondering if you left the garage door open again. A smart garage-door controller is an add-on that works with your existing garage-door opener, letting you control the door from anywhere through an app on your smartphone, tablet, or computer. It does not replace your existing garage-door opener or prevent other devices that open your garage door—such as visor clips, push buttons, and keypads—from working as before.

Over 71% of American homeowners use the garage door as the main point of entry to their home. With that being said, making sure your garage is safe and secure is essential. A smart garage-door controller is an excellent security and access tool for your home, vacation home or rental property. Being able to open and close your garage remotely is very convenient.

Smoke Alarm

During the colder winter months when you spend more time inside by the fireplace or cooking things in the kitchen, it's essential that you have a working smoke and fire detector in your house. Its loud, piercing alarm should wake you if there’s a problem, so you and your loved ones can safely escape, or put out the fire. Smart smoke detectors go a step further, as they can send an alert to your smartphone if they sense something amiss. That way, if you’re at work, or out of town, you can call the fire department or a neighbor check on your house, to see if everything is ok.

Another benefit of a smart smoke detector is that you can temporarily silence the alarm from your smartphone — so there’s no more trying to jab the Silence button with the stick of your mop after you set it off while cooking a steak.

Carbon Monoxide Detector

Without accurate carbon monoxide detection, a malfunctioning furnace, gas oven, or water heater can turn indoor air deadly toxic really quick. Smart CO detectors use electrochemical sensors to provide life-saving protection that’s monitored around the clock by a security team.

If a carbon monoxide leak is ever detected, having a connected Smart CO detector system helps clear the threat as quickly and safely as possible. Some CO detectors have the ability to automatically unlock doors, disarm window sensors, and crank up your furnace fan to ventilate your home and start clearing dangerous CO levels. The nice thing about smart technology is No matter where you are, having a connected app shows you mobile alerts whenever your carbon monoxide detector goes off. It will send emergency services to check on your home, and make sure your family’s safe.

Limitless Security Solutions Smart Home Technology

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