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4 Reasons Your Family Needs Smart Security Cameras

2019 Smart Home Security Cameras

Smart home security cameras are the hottest smart technology on the market currently, and for many good reasons. Security cameras are all about providing piece of mind and convenience. You should be able to access them wherever, whenever, plus be able to control them from your other smart devices, like your Amazon Echo Show or Google Home Hub. Whether it's solely for security, to act as a dedicated pet camera or even a supercharged smart baby monitor, wireless home security cameras are extremely versatile.. Let these devices be your digital eyes and ears while you’re out.

#1. Protect Your Family

Smart home security cameras have the ability to protect your loved ones. Imagine laying in bed and your phone receives a notification because it has detected movement near your front door. You have the ability in the touch of an app to siren the police if you believe an intruder is near protecting yourself and your family.

The best part is a smart home security camera allows you to protect your family and home though the touch of an app. Your home is protected 24/7 whether your inside, at work, on vacation, or just down the street at the grocery store. All the monitoring can be done though your mobile device.

#2. Connect with Other Devices

The beauty of smart technology is its ability to connect with other devices around your home. How many times have you forgot to hit the lights or turn off your air conditioning? You douse use your smart home security camera’s home automation capability to turn those devices off and save money on your electricity bill. Your smart home security camera can give you the ultimate peace of mind.

#3. Monitor your Family Members

Not only do smart home security cameras serve as a deterrent to burglars, but they also service as a monitoring camera for your family. Smart security cameras allow you to check up on your children while you are at work, or you have the possibility to set it up as a nanny cam for our infant. Whatever the reasoning is, the monitoring system lets you use the camera in multiple ways.

#4. Don’t Break the Bank

There are a variety of security system companies out there that charge $30-$50 a month + a $350 installation fees. However, since technology has evolved, families no longer have to break the bank in trying to pay for security cameras around their house. Why not just purchase a $199 Smart Home Security Camera without all the installation costs? Please continue reading to learn more about our favorite smart security camera systems which we highlight below.

Brands We Recommend

Amazon Cloud Cam outdoor smart security monitoring
Catch every moment and see clearly in the dark!

Amazon Cloud Cam

The Amazon Cloud Cam is one of the best indoor smart security cameras. Its offers crisp 1080p HD live feed, prompt motion notifications and free 24-hour clip storage set a new value standard for indoor home security cameras. Amazon's Cloud Cam is affordable, reliable and easy to use, but it's the free storage that ultimately makes it more appealing than Nest security cameras and many other home security competitors

Arlo Pro Indoor and Outdoor security monitoring system
Take the worrying out of life with the 100% Wire-Free indoor/outdoor home monitoring system

Netgear Arlo Pro

Netgear's Arlo Pro works indoors and outdoors, but we believe this is the best outdoor security camera. You receive seven days of free event-based cloud storage and its rechargeable battery is supposed to last for up to six months. The Arlo Pro is an even smarter DIY cam than Netgear's first-gen Arlo, but competitors are closing in fast with innovative designs and updated apps.

smart doorbell technology for your home
The Doorbell You've Been Waiting For

Nest Hello

We believe this is the best smart doorbell. Nest's Hello video doorbell looks great and works consistently well. Its optional facial recognition feature and advanced integrations with the Nest Cam IQ Indoor and Google Home speakers set this smart buzzer above the rest. The Nest Hello is the smartest video doorbell available today, and a really solid choice for anyone -- but it's especially appealing if you're sold on a broader Google/Nest smart home.

Ring Alarm Smart Security System
Starting at just $199- Works with Alexa too!

Ring Spotlight Cam

Ring Spotlight Cam offers the best security camera/ light hybrid. The Ring Spotlight Cam installs in minutes and its 1080p HD resolution and integrated motion sensor, LEDs and siren make it competitive in terms of specs. It also works with Alexa and Google Assistant. It’s easy setup and solid performance make it a favorite among today's outdoor cameras with built-in lights.

Limitless Security Solutions Smart Home Experts

Why should you buy a smart security camera? Perhaps you have workers or other employees in your home, or maybe you want to keep an eye on your kids and make sure they're doing their home work, like they say there are and not playing another game of "who can jump the highest off of the couch.” Start a conversation with a Limitless Security Solutions expert and have us develop a unique smart home setup tailored to your families needs.

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